Museo Miraflores

Its collection has original archaeological pieces over 3,000 years old that illustrate the history of the first inhabitants of what is now Guatemala City. Its renovation has opened space for more works that allow us to discover the mysteries of the ancient Maya and the wonders created by the inhabitants of Kaminaljuyu. This extraordinary collection is exhibited through a variety of participatory experiences that make Museo Miraflores unique in its category. In fact, the new design will make the tour a space that will stimulate and attract the attention of children, young people and all visitors willing to be amazed by an experience different from the cultural offer that Guatemala offers today.

The visitor will be able to experiment and interact with the activities designed to make our past known in a playful and dynamic way. The Miraflores Museum will no longer be a “traditional” archeology museum as a renewed discourse and innovative activities have been incorporated that will make the visit a real pleasure.

Paseo Miraflores, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala 1011 Ciudad de Guatemala Guatemala